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June 25th, 2009

New Car but lots to do!

Getting my new car tomorrow so I'll be on a really tight budget for quite a while. I'm a little overwhelmed because I'm just realizing how much work will go into moving...giving everyone my new address, getting a new license, getting a new car title, shutting down services here, getting new services in KS. I need to go start to do lists for moving and packing and so on...
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February 3rd, 2007

Before I go to bed

I just wanted to say Happy Birthday, Brother.

January 15th, 2007

Sick of School and Roommate

I'm really sick of school. Is it really bad when you have three semesters left (being of psych major) and you can't stand any talk of psychology? I am excited to start research but I don't feel like doing any of the background work. Why can't I do the experiment without finding out what everyone else has done?

My roommate is driving me crazy. She wants to move in with another friend of ours but has to wait for her parent's to say that the extra $125 is okay. Maybe she should get a part time job and pay for it herself instead of mooching off her parents forever. The only official work she ever does is work study and she only works six hours a week. She spent all last semester complaining about a four hour shift. What a god damn whiner. I spent summer of '05 working eight hour shifts followed by three and half hour shifts two days a week and doing full time work the rest of it. She really needs to get with it. If she didn't have to spend so much "quality" time with her boyfriend (half of it fighting) then she could actually get some damn work done.

Anyway, brother, if you read this leave me a comment cause you haven't written on your account or left any comments I can see so I'm a little worried.

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